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13.06.2018 08:17

About Janyl Sherman: The Artist Behind The Artisan Of Bali Collection@leix.su

Janyl Sherman is the founder, spokesperson and lead artisan for Artisan of Bali – thereal.su’s premier source for luxury jewelry direct from Bali. A dynamic whirlwind of energy, Janyl has a passion for jewelry and those who wear it.

Janyl Sherman is the founder, spokesperson and lead artisan for Artisan of Bali – thereal.su’s premier source for luxury jewelry direct from Bali. A dynamic whirlwind of energy, Janyl has a passion for jewelry and those who wear it. She is immensely g rateful for the blessings and opportunities life has brought her, desiring nothing more than to serve a God she loves by loving her customers Real 18k Gold Fake Van Cleef Arpels Ring UK and her Artisan of Bali team.Janyl wasn’t always that way. Her start in the Jewelry business was hugely successful but didn’t take her where she wanted to go. “I had success, everything I had ever wanted, and it was empty, all of it. That’s where I got back in touch with God and found purpose for my life.” This was the pivotal journey of Janyl’s life – a journey that led here, directly to the dream that has become ‘Artisan of Bali,’ Janyl’s thereal.su direct from Bali luxury brand.“We have a lot of fun,” Janyl shared. “We’re able to bring debut items to thereal.su customers – exclusive designs no one has ever seen before at prices no one would ever expect.” This access is critical to her purpose and to Artisan of Bali’s customers. By delivering exclusive luxury items, Janyl Sherman connects her customers directly to the source of real jewelry made by real people in the village of Celuk, where she has worked for two decades. That serves everyone.“It’s all about people,” Janyl continued. “We could make more money, but this way we’re able to bring our customers the highest quality at an unbelievably affordable price, and that means more lives that we can impact. That’s what matters. Cheap Van Cleef Arpels Ring That’s why I do this.” A statement she lives out day to day as she works to make her work through Artisan of Bali as accessible as possible. “I love it when people contact me – I want to know our customers, I want to know about their lives. I hope people will reach out.”When asked what she most wanted to say Janyl Sherman’s answer was simple and direct. “Thank you,” Janyl said.”To all of our customers, team members, and especially to God. It is incredible the work we have been able to do and I’m excited to see what He wants to do next.”Halloween GlamHappy Halloween to all my glamorous ghouls out there!I’ve mentioned before that my excitement for Fall is extreme and one of those reasons why is because of the amazing holidays that fall in the fall spectrum. Of course, there’s Thanksgiving, Columbus Day… but the real star is HALLOWEEN! There’s nothing that can bring out the child-like and candy-crazed happiness than the spookiest time of the year.Obviously, any self-proclaimed Halloween enthusiast (like myself) prepares way in advance for this monumental holiday that honestly should have a whole month dedicated to it. Luckily for you all, I can lend a hand.The obvious necessities for Halloween are: haunted houses, pumpkin carving, a Halloween-themed wardrobe worn every day of October, trick-or-treating (also known as buying candy in Solid 18k Gold Replica Van Cleef Arpels Alhambra Ring the store and eating the whole bag in on night because it would be weird if a monster-clad 20 something year old showed up on a stranger’s doorstep) and costume parties.And what better way to ensure that you meet all the spooktacular obligations of the season with spellbinding style than to rock some Halloween jewelry. Like I stated above, one of the “requirements” of the holiday is to express your Halloween obsession with some serious fright-worthy fashion and thereal.su has you covered!The first wickedly cute Halloween piece is this charming which brings all your favorite Halloween symbols together! The scary spider, the ominous black cat, the grinning jack-o-lantern, the bewitching witch’s hat and the long-awaited candy corn.Another terrific treat for the holiday is this boo-tiful fit for a Pumpkin King (or Queen)! Like our other Halloween-themed pieces, this hand-set brooch can be an added accessory or used a little more craftily as a gift decoration, napkin holder or shoe clip!The next piece is the perfect accessory to channel your inner magic and get down with your witchy self! The black cat may be an omen of bad luck the rest of the year, but at Halloween there is no better accessory to bring luck and lots of haunting looks your way than this The final glamorously ghouly Halloween look is a that is sure to induce chilling envy at any monster mash this October! Add it to your witch’s hat, vampire cape, or just add some extra sparkle to Knockoff Van Cleef Arpels Butterfly Ring your trendiest pair of loafers.No need to be haunted by the fear of not being your best and most magical self in October, because you’ll have the style to be the best-dressed in and out of every costume contest!And just like the perfect mummy, that’s a wrap!Opal: October BirthstoneHappy birthday, October babies! It’s your time to shine with your magnificent birthstone, opal! This stunning gemstone has earned the prestigious title of “Queen of Gemstones.” The stone itself comes in a variety of colors and can be paired with an array of metal colors.  No wonder opal is the queen!Check out this spectacular set of opal and rose gold jewelry. Opal and its enchanting play of color is center-stage in these pieces, and looks amazing in rose gold. The opal set in rose gold is beautifully accented with pink and white diamond simulants in the white Pair any (or all!) of these with the opal and white diamond simulant for a spectacular, fashionable look. Perfect for any season, add this set to your outfit to add a dash of Van Cleef Between The Finger Ring Outlet shimmer and shine! Opal’s versatility in both stone color and metal are endless! The Ethiopian opal band is perfect for any occasion: wear one for a simple, timeless look, but stack multiple bands for an eye-catching, modern style. Pair these with the striking green 3-stone Ethiopian opal and green or with the unique square cushion Ethiopian opal and matching for an alluring, regal aesthetic.Want to mix it up a bit? Opal and silver are a classic pairing; however, we’ve decided to showcase intriguing pieces in silver to reiterate opal’s versatility and queen status! Take a look at the beautiful blue opal with vivid play of color This pairing is sure to enamor anyone to encounter them! Opal stuns at the forefront or in conjunction with metal stylings. Ethiopian opal enriches the that delivers lovely gemstones surrounded by intricate design as well as the ever-elegant. Add these pieces to any ensemble to brighten up your look!Opal makes the perfect gift for the October birthday in your life! (Or a treat for yourself….I won’t tell!) Gorgeous in any color and in any metal, opal has certainly proved itself to be the queen of gemstones. Every October baby will feel like royalty in this dazzling gemstone!

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